Vision Spinner 2 How To Use?

How do you know when your vision spinner 2 is fully charged?

The eGo Charging Lead features an LED light which will glow red when charging.

When the battery is fully charged the LED light will turn Green.

The Battery LED button will light up orange, then blue and then white whilst charging and go out when fully charged.

Typically charging will take 4-5 hours.

Why does my vision spinner 2 Keep blinking?

If your Vision spinner 2 is blinking more than 5 times it means that it has been discharged and should be recharged immediately. Instantly as the user inhales, the battery will start blinking warning the user that it is time to plug in your Vision.

How do you turn on the vision spinner pen?

Vision Spinner Tutorial –

How do you charge a vision spinner?

How to charge a vision spinner battery –