The Outer Worlds How To Use Holographic Shroud?

How do you use the holographic shroud in outer worlds?

The Outer World: How to Use the Holographic Shroud –

How do I turn on holographic shroud?

It will activate by itself the moment you enter an area marked as ‘Restricted’ – you’ll know these by the words floating in the doorway. You don’t have to do anything except walk in to a Restricted area. The first time you do it, you’ll get a message saying the Holographic Shroud is active.

How does the Shroud work in outer worlds?

The Outer Worlds Holographic Shroud. The Holographic Shroud disguises the player as a different person from a faction whose ID they are using. The Shroud automatically starts working when you enter an area where the disguise is needed. The player does not need to activate the Shroud themselves.

Where can I get a holographic shroud?

First you need to get the Hologram (Holographic Shroud). This is located in the Captain’s Quarters on The Unreliable and can be gotten during the Passage to Anywhere Mission.

How do you hide the outer world?

How to use Holographic Disguise (Hologram) in The Outer Worlds

How do you recharge a holographic shroud?

While you’re exploring the Restricted area with the Shroud active, you’ll see a purple bar at the bottom of the screen – which will drain as you move. This is your Shroud meter. If you need to recharge it, leave the restricted area. If it runs out and someone sees you, you better hope you can talk your way out of it!