How To Use Zedge?

How do I use ringtones from Zedge?

How to set custom ringtones with Zedge

  • Open the Zedge app on your Android device.
  • Tap on the hamburger menu in the top left corner.
  • Tap on Ringtones.
  • Browse through the list of ringtone and choose your favorite.
  • You can tap on the Play button to listen to the ringtone and see whether you like them or not.

Is Zedge app dangerous?

Due to a bug reported by the developers, Google Play flagged Zedge as harmful. The answer to the question “Is Zedge harmful?” is “probably not”. Although Zedge is a legitimate app for Android, iOS and Windows smartphones, it has recently been removed from Google Play Store.

Does zedge work on iPhone?

Zedge doesn’t support to customize ringtones. You can only search for and download the current ringtones. The ringtone you download from Zedge website is MP3 format that is not suitable for iPhone. So you need to convert it to M4R format and transfer the ringtone to your iPhone.

How do you put wallpaper on Zedge?

Browse the catalog of sticker packs at the bottom of the screen and select the stickers you wish to apply to your wallpaper. If you choose an item from a Premium pack, you’ll be shown the cost to unlock (some packs unlock with a video ad and some cost Zedge credits).

What is the best free ringtone site?

  1. Go to Zedge.
  2. Visit Mobile9.
  3. Tones7 is most famous for its simple to use dark interface and its collection of free ringtones for iPhones and Android is appreciable.
  4. Go to
  5. Visit Mobile Ringtones.
  6. Visit MyTinyPhone.
  7. Visit

Where do Zedge Ringtones download to?

And open the app and click on the “Hamburger menu” and go to “Repositories”. Step 2. From the free large selection of available ringtones, choose the one you want, and download it by clicking the “Download” button on the bottom left. The ringtone will be saved automatically.

Should I uninstall zedge?

Zedge App removal

It’s likely that Play Protect has recommended you to uninstall Zedge App because it “tries to attack other mobile and computer systems”. But it seems the app is back on the Play Store and should not cause issues.

Why is zedge banned in India?

“ZEDGE is currently blocked by certain Internet Service Providers and Mobile Operators in INDIA due to decree issued by the DOT and Indian High Court. This means that many users in India are unable to use this app and our websites.

What app is better than Zedge?

So, here is a list of top 7 ZEDGE alternatives for Android you can use:

  • MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers. MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers has an interface very similar to ZEDGE.
  • Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me. Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me has a simple and colorful interface.
  • Backgrounds HD.
  • Wallpapers.
  • Backdrops.
  • Ringtones XL.
  • Audiko.