How To Use Wrye Bash Skyrim?

What does Wrye Bash do?

Wrye bash installs the mods into your Skyrim/data directory while MO uses a virtual directory.

Mo will create a separate folder for each mod and then use the files in a virtual directory when you run Skyrim.

Should I use Wrye Bash?

it helps a lot even telling you which mods need cleaning and if a mod requires another that you don’t have. for wrye bash though it is optional you don’t need it, but it is highly recommended. though it is required when you reach the 150-244 mod range.

Where does Wrye Bash install?

Navigate to the directory where Wrye Bash was installed and select it (default location is \Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Mopy). This will fill in the Start in field. Leave that all open, but now go into Windows Explorer and find your Wrye Bash directory and enter it.

How do you make a Wrye bash patch?

Wrye Bash : Bashed Patch – Mod Organizer –