How To Use Walmart Rewards?

Here’s how to redeem your Capital One Walmart Rewards:

  • Apply to Your Statement Balance. Apply rewards as a statement credit straight toward your account balance.
  • Cover Your Recent Purchases.
  • Turn Rewards Into Gift Cards.
  • Go on an Adventure.
  • Redeem Your Way.

Can I use Walmart Rewards online?

Because you can only redeem Walmart Reward Dollars by having your Card swiped, redemptions are not allowed if you do not have your Card with you. To redeem Walmart Reward Dollars online on you must sign-in to your account and have your Walmart Rewards Mastercard registered as a payment method.

What are Walmart reward points worth?

Walmart Rewards Points Value Calculator

One point earned with Walmart is equal to 1 cent in cash back. So if you have 100 points, you have $1 in cash back. You can use the Walmart Rewards Calculator below to calculate the cash value of your Walmart Rewards Points.

Do Walmart Rewards expire?

Officially, Walmart says their reward dollars do not expire.

Where can I use Walmart Rewards Mastercard?

You can use your Capital One® Walmart Rewards Mastercard™ at:

  1. Anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
  2. Walmart Stores.
  3. Walmart Neighborhood Markets.
  5. Sam’s Clubs*

Is there a Walmart Rewards card?

Since the Walmart Rewards Card is a store credit card that’s only good for Walmart purchases or gas purchases made at Walmart or Murphy USA gas stations, this card is best for frequent Walmart shoppers. If you want a Walmart credit card you can use anywhere, check out the Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard instead.

What is the maximum credit limit on a Walmart credit card?

The higher your score is, the higher you can expect your credit limit to be. There are reports of people getting Walmart Store Card limits of $400, $1,000 and $8,000.

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Does Walmart Rewards Card build credit?

Walmart Inc. The Walmart Mastercard and its in-store credit card are issued by Capital One, and cardholders can earn rewards for shopping at Walmart. When used properly, both can help you build your credit history and credit score.

How do Walmart reward points work?

Earning Points & Rewards

Once you’re approved, you can earn 5 points per $1 spent on purchases made at or with the Walmart app, along with 2 points per $1 spent on Walmart in-store purchases and at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations.

How do I redeem Walmart Mastercard rewards?

To redeem your Walmart Reward Dollars, you must redeem a minimum of $5.00. If you wish to redeem more than $5.00 worth of Walmart Reward Dollars, you must do so in $5.00 increments. Other conditions, restrictions and exclusions apply. See Walmart Reward Dollars Program Terms and Conditions for details.

How do I increase my credit limit with Walmart?


  • Log in to your online account.
  • Click the link to “Request a Credit Limit Increase”
  • Enter the required information.

Is a Walmart credit card worth it?

If you regularly buy groceries or other items at and Walmart or simply fill your tank at Walmart or Murphy USA, then a Walmart credit card can be valuable. That is, if you’re a responsible cardholder. As long as you pay your entire balance on time each month to avoid the high APR and late fees, you’re okay.