How To Use Sony Blu Ray Player Without Remote?

How can I play my Blu Ray without a remote?

Download ASmart Remote IR and open it on your phone.

  • After installation, select device you want to control and model to set up.
  • Download and install VideoSolo Blu-ray Player on your computer.
  • Connect an external Blu-ray drive to your computer and insert a Blu-ray disc to the drive.

How do I use my Sony DVD player without a remote?

How to use your smartphone as a remote control –

How can I play a DVD without a remote?

How To Hit Play On Your Movie For DVD Player With No Remote

How do I reset my Sony Blu Ray player without a remote?

Press the Home button on the remote. Using the left or right arrow go to Setup. Then using the up or down arrow go to Resetting. Select Reset to Factory Default Settings and press Enter.