How To Use Primal Obliterum?

What do I do with primal Sargerite?

It is used as a crafting material for all new stuff in patch 7.3.

It is also used for making Primal Obliterum, which is needed after your have upgraded your gear to 900 ilvl with Obliterum only (1 Obliterum + 1 Primal Sargerite = 1 Primal Obliterum).

They are also Soulbound.

How do you use an Obliterum?

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How do you get primal Sargerite?

Sources of Primal Sargerite, as of the first week of 7.3:

  • Gathering herbs, ores, skins on Argus with at least rank 2 of the relevant gathering skill.
  • Occasional world quests on Argus.
  • Occasional order hall missions after you have unlocked the Argus-based missions.

What do you use blood of Sargeras for?

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