How To Use Pokemon Bank?

How does the Pokemon bank work?

Pokémon Bank is an application for the 3DS family that originally launched with Pokémon X and Y.

It allows you to deposit, store and then transfer your Pokémon from one Pokémon game to another, basically like a master version of the classic PC from the Pokémon games themselves.

How do you put Pokemon in your bank?

Simply activate the cameras of your Nintendo 3DS family system by pressing both the L and R Buttons while on the HOME Menu, then tap the QR Code button in the lower left. Aim the camera at the QR Code here to be taken directly to Pokémon Bank in Nintendo eShop. Pokémon Bank is a paid service.

How do you pay for Pokemon bank?

(Note: If you have Pokémon in the Bank, you can still withdraw them – you just can’t deposit.) You can pay via credit card or eShop Prepaid Cards, just like normal eShop titles.

Is the Pokemon bank free?

There is a basic free service as well as a premium service with far more features. Normally, only premium members will be able to access the 3DS era Pokémon Bank. To celebrate the launch, all users can access Pokémon Bank for the first month.