How To Use Hyaluronic Acid Serum?

Think of your regime as a hydration ‘sandwich’ – spritz your face with water, apply the hyaluronic acid treatment, then spritz again.

When it comes to moistening your skin, you can either use regular tap water or take things to the next level with a supercharged facial mist.

What is the best way to use hyaluronic acid?

To make the most out of hyaluronic acid as an anti-aging ingredient, use it in the form of serum or drops and apply it on damp skin, then apply a moisturizer on top. This will seal in the moisture and also provide moisture for the HA to absorb, should the air around you be dry.

How often should I use hyaluronic acid on my face?

Like with any new skincare product, you should start slow with hyaluronic acid, applying it once per day to see how your skin takes to it. If you find your skin is really benefiting from the additional hydration, you should apply it once in the morning and once in the evening.

What does hyaluronic acid do to your face?

Hyaluronic acid is well known for its skin benefits, especially alleviating dry skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and speeding up wound healing. Overall, hyaluronic acid is a beneficial supplement for a variety of conditions, especially those related to skin and joint health.

Do you put hyaluronic acid on before moisturizer?

Follow your regular skin cleansing routine up until before you add moisturizer. Apply a thin layer of hyaluronic acid serum to damp skin. Hyaluronic acid works by retaining moisture, so you’ll need to give it something to work with.