How To Use Hilton Points On Amazon?

How much are Hilton points worth on Amazon?

Hilton Honors Points can be redeemed at checkout on Amazon to pay for purchases. 500 Hilton Honors Points converts to $1 on Amazon which gives you a value of 0.2 cents per point.

How do you use your Hilton Honors points on Amazon?

Use Your Hilton Honors Points for Amazon Purchases

Finally, you can use your Hilton Honors points to cover Amazon purchases. To do this, just link your Hilton Honors account to your Amazon account and select Hilton Honors points as your payment method at checkout.

How much is 50000 Hilton points worth?

Actually, 5,000-point room rewards have a very good value (around 1.22 cents on average), but are unfortunately a little hard to find in Hilton’s hotel network.

Hilton standard room rewards.

Minimum points required Average point value (cents)
40,000 0.36
50,000 0.35
60,000 0.30
70,000 0.35

6 more rows

How many Hilton points do you need for a free night?

5,000 Points

Should I use Hilton points on Amazon?

You can now redeem your Hilton Honors points for Amazon purchases. But please, please, please don’t do it. The process of signing up for this is super easy. Using this method you’ll get a consistent value of 0.2 cents per Hilton Honors point.

What are 20000 Hilton points worth?

Hilton standard room rewards

Minimum points required Average point value (cents)
5,000 1.22
10,000 0.99
20,000 0.57
30,000 0.39

6 more rows

How can I spend my Hilton Honors points?

Use them for almost anything. From staying at our hotels and resorts to rides with Lyft and making purchases with Hilton Honors credit cards – there are thousands of ways to earn Hilton Honors Points. And with so many hotel, travel and shopping rewards to choose from, you will never run out of great ways to use them.

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What is 10000 Hilton Honors points worth?

Hilton standard room rewards

Minimum points required Average point value (cents)
10,000 0.99
20,000 0.57
30,000 0.39
40,000 0.36

6 more rows

Can you redeem Hilton points for cash?

Points & Money

When booking online, you can use a slider to select any combination of points (in increments of 1,000) and cash. You’ll also need to redeem a minimum of 5,000 points, though any cash amount will earn you Hilton points.

What does 75000 Hilton points get you?

You can score a free night at a Category 6 or 7 hotel for as little 30,000 points, so the 75,000-point bonus can definitely get you a two-night stay if you find availability at the low end of the redemption range (it’s 30,000 to 50,000 for Category 6 and 30,000 to 60,000 for Category 7).

Is it worth it to buy Hilton points?

What’s The Real Cost To Buy Hilton Points? When Hilton is offering a 100% bonus on purchased points, you’re paying just 0.5 cents per point. This is as low as the cost on purchased Hilton points gets. Hilton Honors members can purchase up to 80,000 points per calendar year pre-bonus.

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