How To Use Freestyle Libre?

How does a FreeStyle Libre work?

The FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System has two main parts: a handheld Reader and a disposable Sensor that you wear on the back of your upper arm.

The Sensor does not need to be calibrated with blood glucose values.

You use the Reader to wirelessly scan the Sensor and get your glucose readings.

How does FreeStyle Libre stay on your arm?

Apply the sensor –

How does FreeStyle Libre attach to skin?

On a hard surface, press firmly down on the sensor applicator until it comes to a stop. Place the Sensor Applicator over the prepared site and push down firmly to apply the sensor to your body. Gently pull the Sensor Applicator away from your body. The Sensor should now be attached to your skin.

Where should I place my FreeStyle Libre sensor?

New Libre Sensor Sites (Alternative sites from diabetics, for