How To Use Flash Seats?

How do I get my tickets from Flash Seats?

To view your Flash Seats (AXS) tickets on your phone

  • Open the Flash Seats app.
  • Sign in or create a Flash Seats (AXS) account. Use the same email you use on StubHub.
  • Tap Account > My tickets.
  • At the event, scan the ‘Mobile ID’ QR code to get in.

Can I trust Flash Seats?

Flash Seats is one of the most secure ticketing methods because there can never be more than one set of tickets for your particular seats, they can never be lost or stolen, and they can track who exactly tickets were transferred to and from.

How do you use the flash seat app?

When you’re ready to go to your event, the Flash Seats Mobile App makes getting through the gates so easy! Bring your phone with you to the gate, touch the ID button in the app, and hold out your phone to the Guest Services Representative. Your Mobile ID is scanned, and you are set. Go enjoy your event!

What are active tickets on Flash Seats?

Flash Seats allows you to buy tickets to events by either bidding on them or purchasing them immediately. These tickets are listed by team season ticket holders or by other account holders who have tickets to the event.