How To Use Cartwheel Online?

How do you use cartwheel on target app?


  • Log into Cartwheel by Target.
  • Find the offers.
  • Add the cartwheel you want to your account.
  • Review your offers and print.
  • Download the Target app (which is now the same as the Cartwheel app)
  • Sign in to the app.
  • Find Offers.
  • Scan the products.

How does the cartwheel app work?

What is Cartwheel? Cartwheel is a free app that helps you save anywhere from 5-50% on products without paper coupons. Choose percent-off offers and cents-off digital manufacturer coupons in the app, then have a cashier scan your unique barcode at checkout.

How do I checkout with cartwheel?

To use Target Cartwheel, there are 4 simple steps.

  1. Sign up for / log in to your Target Cartwheel account. You can link your account to Facebook or sign in with email.
  2. Select your savings. Browse the current offers available and select the ones you like.
  3. Go to Target.
  4. Have the cashier scan the barcodes at checkout.

Can I use cartwheel with drive up?

With Drive Up, just shop and place your order with the Target app and the Cartwheel discount will automatically be applied at checkout. When your order is ready, Target will let you know that your order is ready to be picked up – usually within an hour!