How To Use Box Sync?

You must select which folders in your Box account that you wish to sync with your computer.

  • Navigate to any folder in your Box account.
  • Click the “three dot” icon to the right of the folder name.
  • Hover your mouse over “More Actions”
  • Click “Sync”

What is Box Sync?

Box Sync is a productivity tool that allows you to mirror data stored on Box to your desktop. You can then navigate and modify content stored on the Box website through your computer’s native file browsing interface, without using a web browser. Content that syncs down to your computer are available for offline access.

How do I add to box sync?

Windows install steps

Your synced files are stored in a new folder called Box Sync. You can access this folder from the Favorites section in the left pane of Windows Explorer. Alternately, right-click the Box Sync icon in the system tray (bottom right corner of your screen – near the clock) and click Open Sync Folder.

What is the difference between box drive and Box Sync?

Box Drive brings your entire Box folder tree to your desktop. All the files you can access on Box are also accessible from your desktop Box folder. Box Drive also supports making files available offline, so you can work on them while disconnected from the Internet; when you go back online Box Drive syncs the versions.

How long does it take box to sync?

about 3 hours