How To Use A Drain Snake?

How does a plumbing snake work?

Plumber’s snakes work by entering the drain directly to physically contact and then clear away the obstruction causing the clog. You manually insert the auger end of the snake into the drain and then begin uncoiling by rotating the handle.

How do you snake a drain around a corner?

How to Snake a Bathroom Drain: Step-by-Step Plumbing DIY

How much does it cost to snake a drain?

Cost to snake a drain

Removing a clog from a laundry drain costs between $151 to $214, and remedying a toilet clog ranges from $109 to $273. All jobs include a $50 service fee.

Can you use a drain snake on a toilet?

Reach for the toilet snake

If the toilet plunger won’t open the drain, reach for a toilet snake. A drain toilet snake is a long wire coil with a corkscrew-like tip that you feed into your pipes until it encounters the clog. A toilet snake can also be used on clogged bathroom sinks.

Can a drain snake break a pipe?

When a drain snake fails to remove a clog, it indicates that your pipe has a serious problem. In these instances, the drain snake will not remove the clog, and you will need the services of a professional plumber. Additionally, use of the wrong type or size of plumbing snake can damage your pipes.

How do plumbers unclog drains?

The plumber inserts the hose deep down into the drain, and then high-pressure water blasts out the nozzle to clean out all parts of the drain. The pressure is enough to completely wash away all debris clinging to the drainpipe walls, making it hard for debris to build up again.

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Can’t get the snake down the drain?

Failure to tighten the thumbscrew is a common reason behind drain snakes that are not working. You must make sure that the thumbscrew that secures the cable inside the drum or handle is securely tightened. If it is not, the cable will not rotate at all when you twist the handle.

How do you clean a drain snake?

How to Clean a Plumbing Snake

  • Fill a bucket up with hot soapy water.
  • Take the bucket and the snake outside where your garden hose is located.
  • Push the flexible hose out of the plastic tube and place the snake on the ground.
  • Wet the bristle brush in the bucket of soapy water and scrub the auger, flexible hose and plastic tube with the bristle brush.

How do you snake past a P trap?

Insert the head of the snake into either the drain (if you didn’t remove the trap), or the access point on the wall. If you didn’t remove the trap, consider running cold water while you snake. Don’t force the auger into the drain too hard, or you could damage the drain entrance or pipe.

What is the best drain snake to buy?

The 4 Best Drain Snakes For Home Use

  1. The Best Basic Snake That’s Only $9. MIBOW Drain Snake Cleaner. $15.99. $8.99.
  2. A Snake That Won’t Scratch Your Toilet Bowl. Liquid-Plumr Toilet Snake. $11.99.
  3. An Extra-Long Option For Deeper Clogs. Cobra Plumbing Drain Auger. $24.41.
  4. A Crank Snake For Especially Tough Clogs. General Pipe Cleaners Spin Thru Drain Auger. $20.48.
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How do you unclog a drain full of hair?

Unclogging a hair-clogged drain using baking soda will require baking soda, white vinegar, and hot water.

  • Measure one cup of baking soda and pour it down the drain.
  • Watch for a fizzing in the drain and five minutes after the fizzing stops, flush the drain with two quarts of hot water.

Can you rent a drain snake?

Most drain snakes can be rented by the hour or by the day or half-day at a tool and equipment rental location and at some home improvement stores. A sewer snake rental machine can be used to clear a sewer mainline as long as you get the right machine and you know how to use it.