How To Use A Cane With Back Pain?

Can a cane help with back pain?

The standard cane helps you balance and stand upright.

Chronic back pain patients can benefit from a standard cane, as they are known to lean to one side or the other to lessen pain which throws off balance.

Physicians suggest you use a walker or crutches if you must put more than 20 percent of your weight on the cane.

How do you use a cane with a bad back?

Using your cane or walker

So if you have pain or weakness primarily on the left side of the body, the cane goes in the right hand. This makes sense when you consider that you swing your right arm forward when you move your left leg and vice versa. So your cane swings forward as you move your weak side forward.

Why do you use a cane on the opposite side of the injury?

Holding the cane in the opposite side, does just that. When you step with your right leg, your left leg has to do all the work to support the body’s weight. Putting the cane in the right hand allows the right arm and left leg to work together to support your weight.

Can walking with a cane cause back pain?

Walkers in particular often cause people to hunch over and walk looking down at the ground. The poor posture that is encouraged by using a walker or cane can weaken the core muscles and aggravate back pain.