How To Use A Ball Joint Press?

How do you use a ball joint upper press?

Here’s how to use a ball joint press.

  • Lift up the front end of the vehicle using a car jack.
  • Remove the front wheels.
  • Detach the brake caliper.
  • Slide off the rotor.
  • Remove the upper control arm by removing the cotter pin that keeps it in place.
  • Place the ball joint press over the ball joint on the control arm.

Can you use a ball joint press for wheel bearing?

It’s really simple but it works wonders on the rear wheel bearings. It has an attachment big enough for front wheel bearings, but the front wheel bearings are integrated with their race so I don’t think this would work because it would just destroy the bearing.

How do you press ball joints without a press?

DIY: Replacing Balljoints- The Old School Way! –

How does a ball joint work?

Ball joints are a flexible ball-and-socket joint that connect a vehicle’s control arms to the steering knuckles and act as a pivot point. Ball joints allow a vehicle’s suspension to move up and down, while also allowing the wheels to steer left or right.