Crossout How To Use Coupons?

What do you do with coupons in Crossout?

Coupons are your reward for completing raids in Crossout, which are the game’s various PvP modes.

You receive different amounts of coupons depending on the mode and difficulty setting — ranging from 3 to 20 — and you can participate in two raids per day.

How do you get more power in Crossout?

Sources of energy

  • The basic source of energy on your vehicle is the cabin, which provides the base amount of energy.
  • Additional energy can be gained by mounting a generator. You can only mount one on your vehicle.

How do you use the engineering badge Crossout?

Crossout The Incompetent way to use engineer badges. –

How do you exchange engineering badges in Crossout?

Crossout The Incompetent way to use engineer badges. –

How do you get parts in Crossout?

Crossout: Tutorials | Part 2 – Creating Parts –

What is cabin power Crossout?

Power is a cabin’s ability to ignore Mass as it nears its max Tonnage. The closer you are to your max Tonnage, the less acceleration you have. Cabins with just wheels and tiny frame, all have the same acceleration (fast). Their Max Speed will very depending on the cabin, but they will take off the same.

What does tonnage mean in Crossout?

Tonnage is the soft cap for a vehicle’s mass, and is the maximum weight a vehicle can carry while maintaining optimal performance.

What are engineer badges for in Crossout?

Engineer badge is a resources-type item in Crossout.


  1. Engineer badges are used to create a variety of resources ranging from scrap to Pathfinder’s crates.
  2. A crafting calculator to help decide which resources are most profitable to sell can be found here.
  3. The badge is made from a 1 Forint Hungarian coin.