How To Use Then And Than?

When would you use than in a sentence?

The word then has many uses; however, than is only used in comparisons. So if you are wondering which word to use, ask yourself if the sentence is a comparison. If yes, use than. If no, use then.

What is difference between then and than?

These two words are very close in their appearance, but than vs. then have very different uses. Then is commonly used to express a sense of time or what comes next or used to be. Than is used to form comparisons between two things.

Is it more then or more than?

You can remember to use more than instead of more then since it is spelled with an A, which is also used to spell the word “appropriate.” You can use this trick to remember that more than is appropriate, while more then is not.

How do you remember then than?

When to Use “Then” vs. “Than” | Grammar Lessons –

Can you start a sentence with than?

“Than” is a word that is normally difficult to start a grammatically correct sentence with. Also: Than a bear, the cub is smaller. Than a more typical sentence structure is this example certainly stranger.

How is then used in a sentence?

Using Then in a Sentence

When to use then: Then can act as an adverb, adjective, or noun. As an adverb, it can mean at that time, next, or consequently. (adverb meaning 2) If you aren’t going to study then you’ll fail the test.

What is then in grammar?

Defining Then

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Then is commonly used as an adverb, adjective, or noun to indicate time: Then is also used as an adverb to mean “besides,” “in that case,” and “therefore.”

Can you end a sentence with then?

Answer: When a sentence ends in “though,” it means that it was made in opposition to what went before it. When a sentence ends in “then,” it means that it was made in agreement with what went before it. Example: “I think I’ll take the day off.” “Yes, I think I’ll take it off too, then.”

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