How To Use Microwave Egg Cooker?

  • Break one large egg and pour it into the well of the microwave egg cooker.
  • Poke the egg with a fork a few times to break up the egg.
  • Cover the egg inside the egg well with the lid that is specially made for it.
  • Cook a scrambled egg on high for approximately 35 seconds.

Do microwave egg cookers work?

Microwave egg cookers are ultimately thwarted by the fact that microwave ovens just don’t heat evenly enough for precision cooking. However, if a microwave is your primary means of cooking or if you’re in a hurry and simply need a cooked egg fast, one egg cooker gave us just that.

How do you use a crackin egg cooker?

How to Use Your Crackin’ Eggs Microwave Egg Cooker –

How do you use a ceramic egg cooker in the microwave?


Is it dangerous to microwave eggs?

Yes, it is safe to cook eggs in the microwave, whether you wish to poach, scramble, or “fry” your eggs. Sometimes, microwaved eggs taste even better than stovetop eggs. Do not cook eggs in an un-pierced shell: You can make a hard-boiled egg in the microwave if you pierce the bottom of the shell first.

How do you microwave an egg without it exploding?

Microwave a bowl of water (deep enough to submerge the egg) for 3 minutes until hot. Lightly prick the bottom of the egg with a safety pin or thumbtack to prevent the egg from exploding.

What can you cook in an egg cooker?

It can do hard, soft, and medium-boiled eggs, as well as poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelets.

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How long do you microwave egg cooker?

Place the egg cooker in the microwave on high for 30 seconds if you would like to make a soft-cooked egg. The yolk of the soft-cooked egg will have the same texture as that of a soft-boiled egg that you boil on the stovetop. Allow the egg to stand uncovered for 10 seconds before removing it from the cooker.

How do you cook an egg in a egg cooker?

Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker Instructional Video –

How long do you cook the eggs in the egg tastic?

Put the lid on the Egg-Tastic™ Egg Cooker, place in microwave and cook for 1 minute. Remove Egg-Tastic™ Egg Cooker from microwave with oven mitts. Remove cover and mix contents with a fork. Place back in the microwave and repeat this process until eggs reach the fluffy consistency that suits your taste.

How long do you cook eggs in the Pampered Chef egg cooker?


  1. Place the eggs, water, and salt in the Ceramic Egg Cooker. Top with the lid and cover the vent hole with a finger and shake ten times to combine.
  2. Stir in the remaining ingredients.
  3. Cover and microwave on HIGH for 1 minute and then stir around the edges and bottom of the cooker.

How do you use Egglettes?

Spray each Egglette pod with cooking spray. Crack and add each egg to the Egglette pod. Twist on tops of each Egglette pod (make sure they are on tight). Once water is boiling, add the Egglette pods to pot and keep at a rolling boil.