How To Use Guest Pass On Crunchyroll?

How do you use a guest pass on Crunchyroll?

It allows users to invite a friend to check out the site for free.

Once per month, a premium account should be credited with a guest pass code that the user can share.

When you receive the code, you can enter it into the Crunchyroll guest pass page and receive 48 hours of free access to Crunchyroll’s premium service.

How do you get free guest passes on Crunchyroll?

List of 4 Methods To Get Crunchyroll Guest Pass:-

  • 1) Follow Crunchyroll On Every Social Media Platform.
  • 2) Join Anime Groups On Facebook.
  • 3) Join Anime Forum.
  • 4) Crunchyroll Subreddit.

Do crunchyroll guest passes stack?

TIME TO WATCH A LOT OF ANIME~! I do not believe guest passes stack, so you’ll have to redeem them one at a time.

Can multiple users use crunchyroll?

The policy allows for same household members to use the same account.