How To Use Companion Pass?

About Companion Certificates

  • Go to
  • Either log in with your SkyMiles account or enter the 8-character certificate code from the email you received.
  • Search for eligible flights and book your trip.

After booking your flight, visit the My Trips section of your account. Find your flight in the Upcoming section and click on Add Companion link. Click Continue to proceed to the purchase screen and review your Companion information. Click Purchase to complete your Companion’s flight reservation.About Companion Certificates

  • Go to
  • Either log in with your SkyMiles account or enter the 8-character certificate code from the email you received.
  • Search for eligible flights and book your trip.

You can redeem your companion fare by selecting the Shop button within the Discount and companion fare codes section of your My account profile. This will automatically apply your companion fare code to the new reservation. The discount will be reflected on the “Available flights” and “Cart” pages.Receive your companion certificate from American Airlines eight to 10 weeks after you meet your card’s eligibility requirements. Find qualifying round-trip domestic economy fare tickets for you and a companion. Book the flight through American Airlines Meetings Services. Apply the certificate at booking.On

  • Sign in to your Amtrak account.
  • When entering your information to book a trip, look for the “Coupon/Promo code” drop-down menu.
  • Choose the companion or discount coupon you’d like to apply.
  • The coupon will be applied to your booking on the next screen.

How much do you have to spend to get companion pass?

Since you need to spend $25,000 to earn the full 100,000-point sign-up bonus and the card earns 1 point per dollar at a minimum, you’ll earn the necessary 125,000 points for the Companion Pass if you can take full advantage of this offer.

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How do I know if I have companion pass?

You do need to be logged in to access the Southwest Companion Pass status page. If you try to check the status page while not being logged in, Southwest’s website SHOULD bring up the login page and then redirect you to the Companion Pass status page.

How do you get a 2019 companion pass?

Don’t worry, for those earning a Companion Pass through flights, you can still earn yours by flying 100 qualifying one-way flights. If you are currently working toward a Companion Pass through points, you can still earn it with 110,000 qualifying points through December 31, 2019.

How do I redeem Southwest Companion Pass credit card?

How to earn Companion Pass

  1. Log in to your Rapid Rewards account at ®.
  2. On your Snapshot tab, find Choose Your Companion, click Enter Companion Info,and follow the instructions.
  3. Or, if you’d prefer, give us a call at 1-800-435-9792.

How do you get a companion pass in 2020?

To qualify, simply fly 100 qualifying one-way flights or earn 125,000 qualifying points* in a calendar year, and you’ll earn Companion Pass for the following full calendar year, plus the remainder of the year in which you earned it. Learn more about how to earn tier status or Companion Pass for 2020.

Can you buy points to get companion pass?

“Companion Pass Qualifying Points are earned from your revenue flights booked through Southwest Airlines, your points earned by making purchases with a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card, and your base points earned from Rapid Rewards partners.”

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Does companion pass get priority boarding?

You’ll also enjoy expedited security, a free drink coupon and earn 12 Rapid Rewards points per dollar spent. Since a companion’s travel isn’t eligible to earn Rapid Rewards points, the biggest benefit you’d want to transfer to your companion would be the priority boarding.

How long does it take to get companion pass?

Timing the Southwest Companion Pass

By meeting the requirements early in the year, you could get nearly two years of Companion Pass status. For example, if you hit the spending threshold in January of 2020, you get to keep the pass through December 2021.

How much do you have to spend to get a companion pass on Southwest?

To qualify for the pass, you need to earn 125,000 Companion Pass qualifying points or fly 100 one-way flights per calendar year on Southwest Airlines, which must be earned and posted to your Rapid Rewards account. The 125,000 qualifying-point requirement is new for 2020.