How To Use Better Discord?

How does better discord work?

Better Discord is also a chat application like normal Discord.

However, it comes with emojis and emotes directly from

As well as there is a custom CSS editor available for you to change the platform the way you like it.

Plus, you can switch between the more minimal mode to focus on voice chat and more.

How do I get better at discord?


Is using better discord allowed?

Is Enhanced Discord against your TOS? BetterDiscord and other client modifications are not allowed, and are a violation of our Terms of Service. If you violate our ToS, you risk your account being disabled.

How do you use discord skin?

Open discord then go in settings -> BetterDiscord -> Themes -> Open theme folder. file you downloaded into the folder that just opened. to reload it. Step 6: Go back in settings -> BetterDiscord -> Themes and enable the theme.