How To Use A Neti Pot Correctly?

To use the neti pot, tilt your head sideways over the sink and place the spout of the neti pot in the upper nostril.

Breathing through your open mouth, gently pour the saltwater solution into your upper nostril so that the liquid drains through the lower nostril.

Repeat on the other side.

Can you use a Neti pot too much?

DO expect relief right away. Solomonian suggests using a neti pot twice a day for a runny nose, and the effects of each session should last at least a couple of hours. But there’s no danger to doing it more often, so use whenever you feel the need.

How do you safely use a Neti Pot?

Safety tips

Use only distilled water, tap water boiled for several minutes and left to cool to a lukewarm temperature, or properly filtered water. Don’t use water that’s too hot or too cold. Water that’s lukewarm or room temperature is best for your neti pot. Always clean and dry your neti pot after each use.

Can Neti Pot make sinuses worse?

Using a neti pot every day could aggravate sinus infections, study finds. Nov. 11, 2009— — MIAMI — Contrary to popular belief, irrigating the nose every day with the help of a Neti pot may actually make patients more susceptible to sinus infections, researchers said here.

How does the Neti pot work?

The basic explanation of how the Neti pot works is that it thins mucus and helps flush it out of the nasal passages. A more biological explanation for how the Neti pot works has to do with tiny, hair-like structures called cilia that line the inside of the nasal and sinus cavities.