C++ How To Use Getline?

How do I use Getline with delimiter?

The C++ string header defines the global function getline() to read strings from an I/O stream. The getline() function, which is not part of the string class, reads a line from is and stores it into s. If a character delimiter is specified, then getline() will use delimiter to decide when to stop reading data.

Does Getline ignore whitespace?

Problems with getline. Problems with getline(cin, name); Since getline does not ignore leading whitespace characters, you should take special care when using it in conjunction with cin >>.

What is the Getline function in C++?

getline() function in C++ is a library function of stdio. h It is used to input a line from user or read a line from file. Its general syntax is getline(char *string, int length, char deliminator). So output is same include with space.