How To Use Xfinity Hotspots?

How do I use Xfinity mobile hotspot?

Get online

  • Turn on your device’s WiFi.
  • Select your mobile hotspot from the list of WiFi networks.
  • Follow the prompts to enter your passkey (it’s provided on the hotspot page on your phone)
  • Open any web page to confirm that you have connection.

How do Xfinity hotspots work?

How does the Xfinity WiFi Home Hotspot work? Your Wireless Gateway broadcasts an additional xfinitywifi network signal for use with Xfinity WiFi. This creates an extension of the Xfinity WiFi network right in your home that any Xfinity Internet subscriber can use to sign in and connect.

Can’t connect to Xfinity hotspot?

A hotspot has a poor connection

If the nearest WiFi network has low connectivity, or is down, your phone might not pick up that Xfinity WiFi hotspot. If you’re still having trouble auto-connecting to Xfinity WiFi hotspots, call or text an Xfinity Mobile Specialist at (888) 936-4698.

Are Xfinity hotspots free?

Xfinity offers its customers free access to its network of WiFi hotspots. There are three types: Xfinity is a secure public network indicated by the padlock. “XFINITYwifi” and “cablewifi” are public, unsecure networks, similar to public WiFi connections offered at a coffee shop.

How do I use my phone as a hot spot?

Navigate to Settings > Wireless & networks >Tethering & portable hotspot > Portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Choose Configure Wi-Fi hotspot to set a name, security setting, and password for your hotspot, then tap Save.

How can I use my home WiFi anywhere on my phone?

Take Your Home WiFi Anywhere In The World!? –

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Do Xfinity hotspots use data?

Not currently, Data usage via XFINITY WiFi and Cable WiFi hotspots (over the xfinitywifi or cablewifi network signals) does not currently count towards the customer’s XFINITY Internet data plan.

How can I use Xfinity WiFi for free?

Xfinity Wifi On Demand Passes

  1. Enable WiFi access on your laptop, tablet, phone, or other WiFi-enabled device.
  2. Select “xfinitywifi” from your list of available wifi networks.
  3. Select “Get Started” and pick the WiFi pass that meets your needs.

Does Xfinity use my router as a hotspot?

Few people realize that their wireless Comcast modem/router combo does double-duty — not only is it a home wireless network, but it also provides other Comcast customers hotspot-based Internet access when they pass by. That second antenna for the public hotspot uses up electricity, and you’re paying for it.