How To Use Weakauras 2?

How does WeakAuras 2 work?

Before we talk about what goes into an Aura lets see what we’re looking at.

To open WeakAuras simply type ‘/wa’ into your chat bar and hit enter.

This pulls up everything you need for WeakAuras.

This is split into two sections, the left is Auras you already have, and the right is the setting for those auras.

How do you set up WeakAuras?

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How do I install WeakAuras 2?

Installation. WeakAuras is installed by extracting the WeakAuras package into your Interface/Addons folder. The WeakAuras folder contains core functionality, and the WeakAurasOptions folder contains the configuration UI. Make sure they are both enabled.

How do you add custom sounds to WeakAuras?

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How do you turn off WeakAuras?

The quick way to turn a weak aura on/off is to just check the “Load: Never” option on this page. Then just uncheck or if you want to reenable the weakaura.

How do you get a weak aura buff?

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How do you share WeakAuras?

Open WeakAuras by typing “/wa” or “/weakauras” in chat.

  • Right click on the aura name.
  • In the menu choose “Export to string…”

How do I delete all WeakAuras?

Just go to World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\AccountName\SavedVariables and look for the files with WeakAuras in it’s name and delete them. That is going to delete any changes you made to the addon.

How do I install Elvui?


  1. Click Download ELVUI. It’s toward the bottom of the page.
  2. Right-click the downloaded file. It should be in your Downloads folder.
  3. Click Extract all.
  4. Click Browse.
  5. Navigate to your World of Warcraft AddOns folder.
  6. Click the Select Folder.
  7. Click the Extract button.
  8. Open WoW and go to the character selection screen.