How To Use Superscript In Google Docs?

How do you do subscript and superscript in Google Docs?

This first way will follow the same process as inserting a superscript in Google Docs.

  • Highlight the text and click the “Format” button. To start, highlight the section of the text you need to subscript.
  • Choose, “Text” then select “Subscript” Next, a drop-down menu will appear on your screen.

How do you type a subscript?

Alternatively, you can find other keyboard apps on the Play Store that allows typing subscript.

  1. Open the text where you want to type subscript.
  2. Switch your keyboard to the Engineering Keyboard.
  3. Tap the nnn super/subscript icon on the bottom-left.
  4. Tap the subscript character you want to type.

How do you do subscripts in Google Docs equations?

How to type subscripts and equations in google docs –

How do you superscript in Google Slides?

Fire up your browser, head over to Google Docs or Slides, and open up a document. In your document, open the “Insert” tab and then click the “Special Characters” option. When the Special Characters dialog opens, click the drop-down box on the right and click “Superscript” from the list of choices.

How do you do subscripts on Google Docs on a Mac?

To superscript text, press “Ctrl+.” (Ctrl+period) keys on Windows and “⌘+.” (Command+Period) keys on Mac OS X. To subscript text, press “Ctrl+,” (Ctrl+Comma) keys on Windows and “⌘+,” (Command+Comma) keys on Mac OS X.

How do you type a small 2 in h2o?

Superscript and Subscript Functions

For example, if you have the text 10exp8, select “8.” If your text contains the chemical formula H2O, select the “2.” Click the “Home” panel tab on the ribbon. Click the “Superscript” button in the Font group or press “Ctrl-Shift+=” to format the selected character as superscript.

What does Ctrl R do in Google Docs?

Use keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs to navigate, format, and edit. Note: Some shortcuts might not work for all languages or keyboards.

Keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs.

Common actions
Center align Ctrl + Shift + e
Right align Ctrl + Shift + r
Justify Ctrl + Shift + j
Numbered list Ctrl + Shift + 7

89 more rows

How do you write the small 2 of co2?

How do I write 2 as subscript in CO2? in MS. Select the 2. Hit Format–Font and choose subscript. Select the 2 and press Ctrl+=.

How do you type a superscript in Google Docs?

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  • Highlight the part of your text to be superscripted.
  • Select “Format” on the toolbar.
  • Select “Text” and choose “Superscript”
  • Find and click, “Insert” then choose, “Special Characters”
  • Type in “Superscript” and choose your special character.
  • Highlight the text and click the “Format” button.

How do you type math symbols?

Typing Special Math symbols on your computer –

What is the subscript symbol?

A subscript is a character, symbol or number set slightly below the normal line of text. It is always smaller than the usual font and is typically found in mathematical or scientific formulas.