How To Use Sinemia Cardless?

How long is Sinemia cardless activation?

1-2 weeks

How do you take Sinemia?

How to use Sinemia

  • Open the Sinemia app and select “Planning.” (note: you CANNOT get tickets in the “Watch” tab).
  • Click “Advance Ticket.” Scroll through the tutorial.
  • Select the movie, time, seating, and location you want to see on a different ticketing service like Fandango.

Can I use Sinemia immediately?

Sinemia Announces End to Ticketing Subscription Service ‘Effective immediately’ MoviePass will have a little less competition after rival service Sinemia announced they shut down their operations in the United States “effective immediately.” Sinemia first launched in 2014.

Can I use Sinemia physical card online?

By using the physical Sinemia card, you should avoid paying the $1.80 online processing fees, but the physical card does cost $14.99. Until then, you can continue to use Sinemia Cardless to purchase movie tickets online, but you will incur the $1.80 online processing fee for each online ticket.

How do I avoid Sinemia fees?

Sinemia Tip | How to Stop Paying Convenience Fees when Booking

Can I cancel Sinemia anytime?

You can cancel anytime but Sinemia won’t refund you the upfront annual fee. However, you’ll be able to use your membership until the last day of your plan. You can cancel any time you want and won’t have to wait for a period of time to reactivate your membership after cancellation.

How does Sinemia card work?

Launched Thursday, Sinemia Limitless lets you purchase a $100 card for $70. You then use that card to buy movie tickets anywhere, not just through the Sinemia app. In September, Sinemia added a $30 plan that grants users a movie every day in any theater with no blackout days.

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Can I buy two tickets with Sinemia?

Unlike MoviePass, Sinemia can get you into 3D, IMAX and other premium screenings that come at higher prices. You just need to pay more for an Sinemia Elite account, which starts at $119.88 per year ($9.99 per month) for two movie tickets per month.

Where is Sinemia based?

Sinemia was a subscription-based service that provides discounted movie-ticket plans.


Industry Technology
Founded 2014
Founder Rıfat Oğuz (CEO)
Headquarters Los Angeles

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Is Sinemia refundable?

According to one Reddit thread, a number of users who paid annual memberships through Sinemia are receiving pro-rated refunds via Chase. It’s unlikely you’ll get your money back directly from Sinemia for the time being, given that the company has just filed for bankruptcy.

Is Sinemia going out of business?

Sinemia ceased operations in the US on April 26, 2019. The company stated it is the subject of a pending FTC investigation in its US bankruptcy filing, and a class-action lawsuit was filed against Sinemia over fees.

What’s wrong with Sinemia?

In a statement last week, the service gave the following reasons as cause for potential account termination. Unauthorized use of the Sinemia card/cardless outside of its intended purposes, resulting in fraudulent financial activity. Using multiple Sinemia accounts on the same device.