How To Use Shatter?

How do you shatter?

How to consume shatter with a rig

  • First, break off a tiny (seriously tiny, like crumb-sized) piece of shatter and place it on your dabber.
  • Use your torch to heat up the nail.
  • Allow it to cool a little and slide the dome over the nail.
  • Use the dabber to place your shatter dose onto the nail inside the dome and inhale.

Can you vape shatter?

You can break shatter into shards (e.g. particles). Note, however, shatter is not very forgiving so it breaks a little too easily. Moreover, while you can definitely vape shatter, loading it into some vaporizers can be a challenge. Most people seem to prefer dabbing shatter over vaping.

Can I eat CBD shatter?

You can dab, vape, and even cook with CBD shatter, which is one of the most pure forms of CBD you can consume. CBD shatter is one of the purest forms of cannabidiol (CBD oil) that money can buy and it is completely free of THC.

How is shatter different from wax?

Shatter has a much harder texture than wax. In fact, it is comparable to rock candy or caramelized sugar. Rather than being thick and opaque like wax, shatter is transparent because the tightly packed molecules allow light to pierce through it. It is a more pure shade of amber.