How To Use Self Leveling Concrete?

How thick can you use self leveling concrete?

Self-Leveling Cementitious

In general, these products are designed to be installed thin from 1/8” up to 1” thick, but can also be extended with pea gravel for thicker fills.

When should I use self leveling concrete?

A self leveling compound is a concrete type floor underlayment that is applied to subflooring prior to the installation of tile or wood. Using a self leveling compound is easier than other types of subfloor compounds because it will fill in low spots to make sure that a more complete coverage of the floor takes place.

How do you prepare a floor for self leveling concrete?

How to level a concrete floor part 1: preparation –

Can you mix self leveling concrete by hand?

Fill the mixer bucket

Keep a bucket on hand to place the mixer in when you’re not using it. Fill the bucket 3/4 full of water. That way the floor leveling compound won’t stick to the paddle and the bucket won’t tip over when you stick the heavy mixer in it.