How To Use Rooting Hormone?

How long does it take for rooting hormone to work?

How Long Will a Rooting Hormone Take To Work? To experience the full benefits, the rooting hormone may take between 3 – 5 weeks. On rare occasions, a stem cutting may not become stimulated fully by the rooting hormone, and so the cutting may eventually wilt.

Do you need rooting hormone for cuttings?

In general, the application of rooting hormones is not required for most herbaceous species. The added labor cost of application is not necessary with easy-to-root cuttings; however, propagation of moderate and difficult-to-root species with rooting hormones may enhance rooting percentages.

Can you use too much rooting hormone?

Applying too much rooting hormone can damage the cutting. Just as taking too much medicine doesn’t cure you any faster, overdosing on rooting hormone harms the cutting rather than helps it. Don’t get the rooting hormone on the foliage, because this causes misshapen leaves.