How To Use Remind App?

How does remind app work?

Remind is a communication platform that helps educators reach students and parents where they are.

Fast: Messages are sent in real time to an entire class, a small group, or just a single person.

To reach every family, translate your messages into more than 90 languages before you send.

How do you get remind instructions?

You can create a Remind account by going to our homepage at or downloading the free iOS or Android app. Click on Sign up. To sign up, you’ll need to provide a full name, email address, and password. From there, choose your role and follow the instructions to start using Remind.

Does the Remind app cost money?

Access to and use of Remind itself is free, but we do offer additional features that require fees. Remind reserves the right to charge fees for certain features.

Do you need the Remind app to get messages?

If you joined in the Remind app:

If you’re using the Remind app, make sure you’re logged in to the app on your phone. You won’t receive messages if you’re logged out or you’ve deleted the app.

Can parents message each other on remind?

Introducing group conversations on Remind. With the new version of Remind, teachers are able to include up to 9 students, parents, or other teachers in a conversation. Students and parents can participate in the conversation through the app or over SMS or email.

When you send a message on remind Does everyone see it?

Send your message

They’ll receive the message in their one-on-one thread with you, the sender. Recipients will not be able to see who else received the message, and you can disable replies to your messages if preferred. To view the message summary for your announcement, visit your school’s announcement thread.

Where do I find my remind code?

To find the class code on the web

Click on the name of the class on the left-hand side of your account, and then the settings tab. The code will be visible and editable here.

Do parents have to download the Remind app?

Remind is safe

Messages can’t be edited or deleted, so a complete message history is always available to access and download. Everyone has the ability to report users who violate Remind’s Community Guidelines. Students under the age of 13 need to enter a parent or guardian’s email address before using Remind.

How do you send a remind message?

To send a class announcement, first select the class in your Remind account. You’ll see a field for composing your message in the middle of your web account. When you click the blue “Send” button, everyone currently in this class will receive the announcement, or you can filter by students, parents, or teachers.

Are messages on remind private?

Trust and safety on Remind. Here are the basics: Contact information is completely private between students, parents, and teachers. All messages are sent through Remind numbers and emails, not your personal phone number or email address.

How much does a remind plan cost?

More than 200 schools and districts, says Grey, have signed up for the premium version of Remind, which costs roughly $4 per student per year.

How does remind app make money?

Through a secure messaging system, it also lets teachers communicate with parents about homework assignments. Now teachers can use Remind’s new feature called Activities to collect payments for events. The total cost would be $10.50, with Remind generating 50 cents in revenue.