How To Use Ped Egg?

Do you use Ped Egg power wet or dry?

Make sure your feet are perfectly dry and free of any lotions or creams before using the PedEgg.

Using it on wet or moist feet results in tearing of the skin, which will be harder to smooth out.

For this reason it’s best to use the PedEgg before a shower.

How does the Ped Egg work?

How Ped Egg Works. The Ped Egg is an egg-shaped foot file that is used to shave dead dry skin and calluses off your feet — manually, it’s not powered in any way. The actual cutting surface is easily removable — both to allow emptying of the dead skin and to facilitate replacement with a new blade.

How do you use PED egg on feet?

Ped Egg Foot File: The Tried and True Way To Get Callus-Free Feet

Does using a Ped Egg hurt?

Do you suffer from cracked, dry, and callused feet? Cracked and callused feet can not only be unsightly, but can also cause pain and embarrassment. The PedEgg appears to be a great solution due to its ability to instantly remove dry skin and calluses with no mess.