How To Use Onenote Effectively?

How do I use OneNote effectively?

How to Use Microsoft OneNote for Work

  • Use Quick Notes to Save Your Best Ideas.
  • Integrate With Outlook for Project Management.
  • Use It to Transcribe Audio.
  • Use OneNote to Create Your Own Cliff Notes.
  • Use It to Make All Your To-Do Lists.
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What is OneNote and how do you use it?

OneNote is a digital notebook that automatically saves and syncs your notes as you work.

  1. Type information in your notebook or insert it from other apps and web pages.
  2. Take handwritten notes or draw your ideas.
  3. Use highlighting and tags for easy follow-up.
  4. Share notebooks to collaborate with others.

What is OneNote good for?

What is Microsoft OneNote? Microsoft OneNote is an easy-to-use note taking and information management program created in 2003. Its main purpose is to help users capture ideas and information in different digital formats.

How do I use OneNote for the first time?

Go into the start menu, type Onenote in the search window, then double click on the icon that shows up. OneNote will start. The first time it runs it does some one time initial configuration. After the initial setup is done, shut down and then the Outlook toolbar laucher should work.