How To Use One Touch Ultra 2?

How do I use the One Touch?

OneTouch SelectSimple Demo –

Is One Touch Ultra 2 Being discontinued?

LifeScan has discontinued the manufacturing the OneTouch Ultra and OneTouch UltraSmart Meters, effective December 31, 2012. This action was taken due to a shift in demand from these products to the newer OneTouch Brand Blood Glucose Meters and not the result of any safety issues.

How accurate is the One Touch Ultra 2?

The OneTouch Ultra 2 is a reliable and fast glucometer, and the testing supplies are covered by Medicare Part B. However, although the test strips are easy to find, they aren’t the cheapest.

How do you turn on a One Touch Ultra?

 Turn the meter on Press and hold ▼ for five seconds until the start-up test screen appears. After the test screen, the pre-set time and date will appear on the display for five seconds. The hour will now start flashing.

Do One Touch Ultra strips expire?

Practically, if test strips have been stored properly and avoided damage, they could be used for a small period of time beyond their expiration date. However, you should be prepared for an inaccurate reading. If you know the strip is expired, you take the risk by managing your diabetes based off that result.

How do I put the needle in my one touch?

Using your OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing device –