How To Use Old Navy Super Cash?

Can you use old Navy Super Cash with rewards?

Look for Old Navy “Super Cash”

For every $25 you spend, online or in-store, you’ll earn $10 in free cash. Unfortunately, you can’t combine Super Cash with a coupon, but you can combine up to 3 Super Cash rewards on a single transaction.

What’s Old Navy Super Cash?

Old Navy. It’s SUPER C-A-S-H time! For every $20 you spend in-store, EARN $10 in SUPER C-A-S-H, up to a maximum of $30 SUPER C-A-S-H per transaction! Then, redeem $10 of SUPER C-A-S-H for every $20 you spend from 4/9-4/17.

How do I redeem my gap cash?

To redeem, customer must surrender the GAPCASH coupon at checkout at time of purchase. Customer’s GAPCASH will be deducted from the total purchase price (exclusive of applicable taxes), however, the total GAPCASH discount amount will allocated, if applicable, across various items included in the Eligible Purchase.

How do I redeem Old Navy rewards online?

How to Manage Your Old Navy Online Rewards Account

  • Type your username and password into the text boxes on the Old Navy credit card login page and click on “Secure Login.”
  • Choose “Rewards” from the “Rewards & Offers” drop-down menu.
  • Click the “Redeem Now” button to redeem any available rewards.