How To Use Nyc Subway?

How do you pay for NYC subway?

The fare for a subway or local bus ride is $2.75*. The fare for an express bus ride is $6.75.

You can buy MetroCard three ways:

  • Pay-Per-Ride (Regular) MetroCard.
  • Unlimited Ride MetroCard.
  • Now your 7-Day and 30-Day MetroCard can be refilled.
  • Get the MetroCard that refills itself automatically — EasyPayXpress MetroCard.

How much is a one day unlimited MetroCard?

The cost of a standard ride is $2.75. You can buy as many rides as you want on a Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard, from $5.50 to $80. Or you can buy an Unlimited Ride MetroCard for a seven-day or 30-day period. There is a $1 fee for each new card.

Do you need a MetroCard to ride the subway?

Metrocard. In order to use the subway, you need to pay a fare. There are currently two ways to pay, as the MTA is currently working on replacing an old system used since 1992 with a new system.

Is NY subway easy to use?

Planning to Use the Subway

Riding the New York City Subway System is easier than it has even been before thanks to the MTA TripPlanner. You won’t be able to get an internet connection at most of the underground train stations or in the tunnels, so the old paper map is still a great tool to have.

Is there a 1 day unlimited MetroCard?

Unlimited Ride MetroCard

Buy an unlimited number of subway and bus rides for a fixed price. Choose from a 7-Day, 30-Day, 7-Day Express Bus Plus. MetroCard accepted on JFK AirTrain only, or a JFK-AirTrain 10-Trip MetroCard. Note: PATH, AirTrain, and Express buses do not accept 7- and 30-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard.

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Can you share a MetroCard?

Regular Pay Per Ride MetroCards:

– These can be shared with up to 4 people per card. You can each swipe the turnstile separately or the first person can swipe 4x’s and have everyone follow through the turnstile. – If you put $5.50 or more on a card, rides are $2.75 one way but you earn a 5% bonus.

Is there a day pass for New York subway?

Although there is no New York subway day pass, the single ride or the so-called Pay-Per-Ride option might be a suitable alternative for you. It really depends on how frequently you are planning on taking the subway.

Can I use one MetroCard for family?

Up to 4 people can ride together on a single Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard. If multiple people are riding together on the same MetroCard the first person can swipe the card through the necessary number of times and other riders can walk through the turnstile following them.

Is it illegal to swipe someone in with your unlimited MetroCard?

It’s not illegal to swipe in riders with your MetroCard. It’s not illegal to use your MetroCard to help another rider gain access to the system, the NYPD and the MTA said, as long as you’re not charging for the swipe. Jumping the turnstile is illegal, though.