How To Use Nicotine Lozenges?

Place the lozenge in your mouth, occasionally moving it side to side.

  • Allow it to slowly dissolve (about 20-30 minutes) and try to minimize swallowing.
  • Do not chew or swallow the lozenge.
  • Do not use more than 1 lozenge at a time or continuously use 1 after another.

Nicotine lozenges should be used in the following dosages: Weeks 1–6: One lozenge every 1 to 2 hours. Weeks 7–9: One lozenge every 2 to 4 hours.Place the lozenge in your mouth, occasionally moving it side to side.

  • Allow it to slowly dissolve (about 20-30 minutes) and try to minimize swallowing.
  • Do not chew or swallow the lozenge.
  • Do not use more than 1 lozenge at a time or continuously use 1 after another.

If you smoke your first cigarette more than 30 minutes after waking up in the morning, you should use 2 mg-nicotine lozenges. For weeks 1 to 6 of treatment, you should use one lozenge every 1 to 2 hours. Using at least nine lozenges per day will increase your chance of quitting.

Are you supposed to spit with nicotine lozenges?

Nicotine lozenges should be dissolves slowly (about 20 to 30 minutes). You may feel a slight tingling in your mouth. Occasionally move the lozenge from one side of your mouth to the other. Minimize swallowing and do not chew or swallow lozenge.

Can you get mouth cancer from nicotine lozenges?

Cancer risk of nicotine gum and lozenges higher than thought. “Although we acknowledge the importance of encouraging people to quit smoking, our research suggests nicotine found in lozenges and chewing gums may increase the risk of mouth cancer,” Dr Teh said.

What are the side effects of nicotine lozenges?

Nicotine Lozenge

  1. Uses. This medication can help you quit smoking by replacing the nicotine in cigarettes.
  2. Side Effects. Mouth sores, hiccups, nausea, sore throat, headache, heartburn, or dizziness may occur.
  3. Precautions.

How fast do Nicotine Lozenges work?

Pros and cons of the nicotine lozenges

The nicotine lozenges are one of cheapest NRT products, and they are fast acting. The nicotine gets to the brain quickly (after five minutes). Some people tell us they don’t like the flavour of the lozenge (but make sure you’re using as directed).

Are Nicotine Lozenges effective?

Nicotine lozenges offer smokers trying to quit and ex-smokers quick relief from cravings that are part of nicotine withdrawal. However, they are not a fail-safe solution.

Can I cut nicotine lozenges in half?

You may feel a warm or tingling sensation. dissolving slowly, you may want to cut it into smaller pieces or try the mini lozenge. you have eaten within 15 minutes, rinse your mouth out with water before using the lozenge. still feel the need to use nicotine lozenges, talk to your doctor.

Are Nicotine Lozenges safer than smoking?

NRT (patch, gum, lozenge, inhalator, mouth spray) is always much safer than smoking. NRT replaces some of the nicotine your body receives from smoking, but at a much lower level. In any case, long term use of NRT carries very little risk and is much safer than continuing to smoke.

How do you stop taking nicotine lozenges?

Do not use more than five lozenges in 6 hours or 20 lozenges in a 24-hour period, and you should stop using nicotine lozenges by the end of 12 weeks. If you have trouble stopping, consult your doctor.

What are the long term effects of nicotine lozenges?

People who use nicotine lozenges are meant to wean themselves off the medication within the recommended period of time. Prolonged use can raise your risk of serious side effects and withdrawal symptoms, such as: anxiety. irritability.

Some common side effects include:

  • heartburn.
  • indigestion.
  • nausea.
  • sore throat.
  • hiccups.

Are Nicotine Lozenges dangerous?

Using nicotine lozenges can also cause serious side effects that require a visit to your doctor, including: persistent throat irritation that gets increasingly worse. heart palpitations or irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) issues with your teeth, gums, or other tissues in your mouth (like sores)

How many cigarettes is 2mg of nicotine?

2 mg nicotine gum delivers 2mg and you absorb 1mg (or one cigarette worth of nicotine). The nicotine oral inhaler is labeled 10mg, but delivers 4mg per cartridge and you absorb only 2mg (or about two cigarettes worth of nicotine per cartridge).

How many nicotine lozenges can you take in a day?

The maximum number is 12 lozenges per day. If you are using nicotine lozenges as your only form of nicotine replacement therapy, follow these instructions: Begin by using 1 lozenge every 2 hours while awake. Use additional lozenges as needed when you have cravings to smoke up to a maximum of 24 lozenges per day.

Are Nicotine Lozenges addictive?

If you’re addicted to the feeling of a cigarette in your mouth, you might be at risk of overusing your lozenges. In that case, you might do better chewing nicotine gum since as it gives you the mouth movements you crave in addition to a dose of nicotine.

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What happens if you accidentally swallow a nicotine lozenge?

Do not chew or swallow the lozenge. Nicotine effects will appear first after a few minutes. The risk of poisoning is low if the lozenge is accidentally swallowed, as the uptake of nicotine will be slower and to a lesser extent.

What are the best nicotine lozenges?

Best Nicotine Lozenges comparison table

  1. 1st Place. Amazon Basic Care Mini Nicotine Polacrilex Lozenge, 4 mg (nicotine), Stop Smoking Aid.
  2. 2nd Place. Habitrol Nicotine Lozenge Mint Flavor 216 Lozenges (2mg)
  3. 3rd Place. Mini Nicorette Nicotine Lozenge Stop Smoking Aid, 2 mg, Mint Flavored Smoking Cessation.
  4. 4th Place.
  5. 5th Place.