How To Use Mortal Blade Sekiro?

How do I switch to mortal blade Sekiro?

To obtain the Mortal Blade in Sekiro, you’ll first need to defeat Genichiro. After that, you’ll need to head to Senpou Temple, which can be accessed via the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance, near the Ashina Castle Sculptor’s Idol. Follow the linear path, and you’ll eventually reach Senpou Temple.

What do I do with mortal blade Sekiro?

Mortal Blade Usage

  • Gives the ability to slay the reviving Infested Monks encountered in Senpou Temple.
  • Can be used to slay Hanbei the Undying in order to obtain the item he drops: Hidden Tooth.
  • Used to slay the Headless Ape in the second encounter (in Ashina Depths).

Can you use the mortal blade?

The Mortal Blade is used only on undead enemies. You can use it to kill the monks with the revive ability in Senpou Temple. There are also numerous characters that can be killed with the Mortal Blade. The Mortal Blade can be used to kill Hanbei the Undying, as well as the Headless Ape.

How do you use mortal draw Sekiro?

Overview. A Combat Art that does not belong to a tree, unlocked by acquiring the Mortal Blade. It can be upgraded by acquiring the Mushin Esoteric Text, unlocking Ashina Cross then spending another 55 Skill Points to unlock the Empowered Mortal Draw Combat Art.