How To Use Materia Ffxiv?

How does Materia melding work?

First of what is melding?

Melding is possible on certain pieces on gear that have so-called Materia slots shown as a circle below its substats.

It allows you to improve the stats of your gear.

Note that on DoW/DoM always the mainstats such as MND/VIT/STR/DEX/INT are capped if the item is HQ.

How do you meld materia Ffxiv?

To meld materia, you first need to take a crafting profession to level 19. I know, that’s kind of a chore, but once you do complete the quest “Waking the Spirit” you can then begin to meld your materia into your gear! To meld it, you’ll need a Carbonized Matter for the specific level.

Can you take Materia out of gear Ffxiv?

If you would like to remove materia from gear, speak to the goblin NPC Mutamix in central Thanalan (29, 20). Removal of melded materia from an item requires a payment of gil. Once made, all materia attached to the item will be removed, and destroyed in the process.

How do you retrieve Materia?

FFXIV 5.0 1339 Retrieve Materia Guide –