How To Use Marco Polo?

How does the Marco Polo app work?

Marco Polo is a push-to-talk app that recreates the experience of using a walkie-talkie to communicate with people you know.

This walkie talkie, though, has video capabilities.

Try sending quick videos, or “Polos,” as a way to locate a friend that you’re trying to meet up with or just as a quick way to start a chat.

What is the Marco Polo app used for?

Marco Polo bills itself as the “video walkie talkie,” a video chat app that lets you send quick messages back and forth with your friends. Much like Snapchat, Marco Polo traffics in messages that are only a few seconds long.

How do you send Marco Polo?

How to Use Marco Polo to Send a Video Message

  • Tap Chats at the bottom left of the home screen.
  • Tap a friend or group chat icon from the list.
  • Your camera is now open, ready to record.
  • Tap Start to begin recording your message.

How do you do the Marco Polo video?

Marco Polo App Video – Video Messaging Tutorial –

Can you delete a Marco Polo before someone sees it?

Once they see it, there’s no deleting it from their memory. You can tell if someone has viewed the Polo by opening the conversation and looking for the Polo in question.

Can anyone see my Marco Polo videos?

In a one-on-one conversation, Polos are only seen by you and the person you’re in conversation with. If it’s a Group chat, all the members of that chat are able to see each other’s Polos. If a new member is added (by anyone in the group), they will have access to all past Polos in the conversation.

How can you tell if someone watched your Marco Polo?

When you open a conversation, you’ll see the storyline along the bottom. This displays all of the Polos that you’ve sent and received. Newer Polos will be on the right-hand side. On the last Polo, you’ll know if someone has watched your Polo if there’s a small circle icon with their profile photo in the corner.

Can you save Marco Polo videos to your phone?

You can only download Marco Polo videos you have made. To download Marco Polo videos on Android: Hold down the thumbnail of the video you want to download. Select Save Polo from the popup menu.

Can you use Marco Polo without a phone number?

If they do not have Marco Polo™, it will just display a phone number next to their name and you can send them a text invite to join!

Can you forward videos on Marco Polo?

Follow these steps to forward it to them: Tap and hold down on the Polo you wish to share. Select Forward.

Can you delete a video on Marco Polo?

Delete a Video You’ve Sent

Find the Polo thumbnail in the list of videos at the bottom. Tap and hold that thumbnail. Tap Delete. Tap Confirm Delete.

What happens when you delete a Marco Polo?

Deleting your account will not automatically delete any Polos you’ve sent. If you’d like to delete certain Polos you’ve sent, you’ll need to do that before deleting your account.