How To Use Iron On Patches?

Is it better to sew or iron on a patch?

Ironing on a patch is actually the easiest way to get a patch on your clothes(such as a uniform or a jacket) or backpack. You can do it with just a tea towel and an iron, which most households will have anyway. Sew-on patches are a bit tougher because not everyone will have access to a sewing machine.

How do you apply a patch?

How to Iron on Patches –

Do iron on patches go on the inside or outside?

Turn the garment inside out and apply an iron-on patch to the inside. Then apply a second patch on the outside. Areas that are frequently stressed or stretched by activity will stay patched better with the “sandwich” method.

How do you apply a patch without an iron?

Another way for attaching your patches without sewing is by using patches with self adhesive backing. These are like fabric stickers, you don’t need an iron, just to peel and stick them to the fabric surface you want. Sometimes people confuse self-adhesive with iron-on patches.