How To Use Hot Topic Rewards?

To get current reward redemption amount, log into your Hot Topic Guest List account.

Rewards are available for Hot Topic Guest List customers only.

Must be logged into your Guest List Online Account to redeem reward online.

To redeem reward in stores, provide your Membership Identifier at the time of purchase.

What does Hot Topic give you on your birthday?

Hot Topic birthday discount offer: Hot Topic will give you a discount on your birthday. Just provide your ID to show your birthdate, and on your birthday you’ll get a special discount from Hot Topic.

Can you combine hot topic hot cash?

Hot Topic on Twitter: “@thoma1337 Yes, you can combine your Hot Cash coupons!

What is hot topic VIP status?

*Hot Topic Guest List VIP members must requalify each year to maintain VIP status. So essentially you only get those VIP perks once you spend $500, and you have to do it again the next year if you want to keep them. hate my local hot topic anyway.

How do I log into hot topic by phone?

You can also sign in to your account on and review all your account activity, including points, or just call Hot Topic Customer Service at 1-800-892-8674.