How To Use Hand Wraps?

How do you use RDX hand wraps?

How to apply hand wrap

  • Feed thumb through loop.
  • Bring the wrap behind the thumb over the wrist [not under].
  • Wrap the wrist once or twice more to cover or support the wrist more.
  • Bring hand wrap diagonally towards [or over] the pinky, and wrap underneath the knuckle.

Should hand wraps be tight?

Hand Wrap Guide

Remember that when you wrap your hands you want good wrist support and knuckle protection – proper tightness is important. Your wraps should be tight enough to stay put but do NOT wrap them so tight that they cut off circulation – you should be able to wiggle your fingers and thumb comfortably.

How do you wrap your hands for 120 in boxing?

Boxing Tip: How To Wrap Your Hands With 120″ Wraps –

Why do you wrap your hands in boxing?

The hands are delicate, and the sport of boxing can easily injure them whether training on the heavy bag or boxing against an opponent. Hand wraps protect the small bones in the hand from breaking, keep the skin on the knuckles from tearing and help prevent you from spraining your wrists when delivering a solid punch.