How To Use Glamour Plates?

What is Glamour plate?

Glamour Plates. Glamour plates allow you to save combinations of gear in your glamour dresser and armoire as ensembles. All of the glamours saved to a plate can be applied simultaneously to your current equipment.

How does the Glamour Dresser work?

FFXIV: 4.2: Glamour Dresser – Basic Workings –

Where is the Glamour dresser?

Go to an inn room and access the glamour dresser. Select “Edit Glamour Plates” followed by a plate. Select a category (head, body, etc.) followed by a glamour stored in the dresser or an item stored in the armoire.

How do I add items to Glamour dresser?

Adding items to your glamour plate:

  • To add an item to your glamour plate click on that item slot. You will be shown all the items in your glamour dresser.
  • Select an item from your armoire or glamor dresser by clicking on it.

How do you Unequip Glamour plates?

If you wish to remove an item from the glamour plate, right-click the icon and select “Remove Item Image from Plate.” If you wish to remove an item from the glamour plate, press X (□ button on the PlayStation®4) the icon and select “Remove Item Image from Plate.”

How can I remove Glamour?

Right click (or whatever PS3/4 option is) the item > Cast Glamour > Select “Remove” on the right side, it’s an option right at the top just like any item you could use for glamouring > It’ll tell you you need the Glamour Dispeller as the catalyst (which you already have) > Click Dispel and you’re all de-glamoured.

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Can you put a Glamour dresser in your house?

Something like a glamour dresser has a few hundred items associated with it. With furnishing items, you can move it around, or someone else can move it around… it’s very dangerous and risky and very unstable to have an item like that for you to place in your own personal housing.

How do you get Glamour Dispeller?

Where to find glamour dispeller FFXIV –

How do you make Glamour plates?

Glamour Plate Creation

  1. Go to your Glamour Dresser, there’s one in your Inn room, and use it.
  2. Two windows will open.
  3. Click on “Edit Glamour Plates”
  4. The Glamour Plate Creation window opens.
  5. Click on the plate you want to set up, one of the numbered buttons at the top.
  6. To either side of the image of you are the slots.

Can you Transmog in ff14?

You can put the transmog gear you want to keep in your retainer (which acts as a bank) but those slots fill up quickly if you’re saving a bunch of looks.