How To Use Bodyslide And Outfit Studio Skyrim Special Edition?

How do you use the outfit Studio Special Edition in Skyrim?

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How do I use BodySlide special edition Skyrim?

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How do you make an outfit in BodySlide?

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How do you use BodySlide and outfit studio with Mod organizer?

  • Download and install BodySlide and Outfit Studio through Mod Organizer, as you would install any mod.
  • Pick the base body between CBBE and UUNP from the installer. Let it finish and activate mod in your MO left panel.
  • Go to MO right panel Data tab.
  • Open tree for Caliente tools.
  • Right click BodySlide.exe with your mouse.

What is UUNP special?

UUNP is unified unp project that allows u to morph ur basic uunp body (zero-slided) to any of the presets it supports. Presets for UUNP are the bodies like UNP, UNPB, SevenBase, etc. Each preset is defined by specific set of sliders.

How do you fix a clipping in an outfit studio?

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