How To Use Bluetooth Headphones With Tv?

How do I connect my wireless headphones to my TV?

5 Ways to Connect Wireless Headphones to TV

  • TV’s built-in Bluetooth support. Bluetooth is the best way to connect your wireless headphones to your TV.
  • Using a Bluetooth audio transmitter. A simple Bluetooth audio transmitter can give your TV Bluetooth support.
  • Take advantage of any secondary devices.
  • Use an RF wireless headphone.
  • Use Infrared wireless headphone.

Does my TV have Bluetooth?

Support for Bluetooth audio devices on Android TV boxes is hit or miss. Some support Bluetooth, but only for use with a keyboard and mouse. Others, do support Bluetooth headphones, and you pair them just as you would with any other Android device.

How can I make my TV bluetooth?

In most cases, you’ll need to connect the transmitter to a power source unless it has its own battery. Then you’ll have to connect it to one of your TV’s audio outputs. To pair Bluetooth headphones or speakers, you’ll want to put them close to the transmitter and set each device to pairing mode.

How do you put wireless headphones in pairing mode?

How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones to Phone – Android Bluetooth