How To Use Big Green Egg?

How do you use your Big Green Egg for the first time?

First time using The Big Green Egg –

Do you need to season a Big Green Egg?

If you are using your Big Green Egg for the very first time, make sure that the dual function metal top is properly seasoned. If you don’t, the metal top could attract dirt. This is how to season it. Close the draft door and leave the dual function metal top to season for about an hour while the EGG cools down.

Is a Big Green Egg worth it?

1- Versatility in what you can accomplish

When you buy a Big Green Egg, you are not just buying a grill or a smoker. If you want to sear a thick-cut-steak like a pro, you can get the Big Green Egg up to 750 degrees and do that as well. The Big Green also holds heat and surround cooks better than any pizza oven.

What makes the Big Green Egg so special?

Porcelain Glazed Ceramic Construction – The advanced ceramic material of the Big Green Egg is perfect for retaining moisture and heat within the grill. This is a big part of what makes the EGG so great! The ceramic helps keep the moisture in the food for succulent meats and food.

What size green egg do I need?

The Medium Big Green Egg is ideal for couples or small families. With a 15-inch diameter cooking grid and 177 square inches of cooking space, the medium egg fits an 18-pound turkey, six burgers, three whole chickens, three steaks or four racks of ribs —plenty for two to four people.