How To Use An Autoclave?

What is the procedure of autoclave?

The usual procedure is to heat at 1.1 kilograms/square centimeter (kg/cm2) [15 pounds/square inch (lb/in2)] steam pressure, which yields a temperature of 121°C.

At 121°C, the time of autoclaving to achieve sterilization is generally considered to be 15-20 min, depending on the volume of the load.

What precautions needs to be taken when using an autoclave?

Autoclave Safety

  • Wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including a lab coat, heat resistant gloves, and eye protection, especially when unloading the autoclave.
  • Never sealing containers; under pressure they pose an explosion risk.
  • Never opening the door to the autoclave if there is water running out the bottom.

How do you use a manual autoclave?

Instruction Manual for Autoclave/Pressure Steam Sterilizer

  1. Place the Autoclave and sterilizing material on the table or on the shelf.
  2. Remove the stopcock whistle/valve from the vent tube fitted at the lid.
  3. Twist the lid of the autoclave Anticlockwise and lift the lid.
  4. Fill water (appx.
  5. Place the loaded Basket/Dressing Drum in the autoclave.

How do you use a vet autoclave?

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